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I just finished the most delightful book interview with Pam Stack and her Authors on the Air. Loved it to pieces, and she asked great questions, and some real readers called in to chat, which was even more fun. Thanks, Pam Stack, for the honor.
Author Shane Gericke
From Kathleen Pickering, guest on WHAT IF… “What I enjoy most about a radio chat with you, Tori, is that you love to explore life’s possibilities . . .the “What Ifs”. . . with boldness, dignity and charm. You have your finger on the pulse of what matters to listeners–and that is so very important. I enjoyed our time together on the air. I’ve come away a better person for it! Thank you!”
Kathleen Pickering
Kathleen Pickering
I absolutely enjoyed in every respect being interviewed by Lori Hays, this morning. Being a guest on her awesome show, Behind the Words with Lori Hays, was a great honor for me. Lori is an amazing interviewer/host. She made the entire experience relaxing and fun! Thanks Lori---and thanks to my wonderful editor, Monique Lewis Happy, and my dear friend the author, Tony Baker, for calling in and contributing to the show. Special thanks to all the listeners who tuned in!
Red Tide
Author David Reuben
"Tori Eldridge is amazing. She brings such clean energy, broad optimism, high intelligence and great love to everything she does. It’s refreshing to see someone do so much good for people while focusing only on the positive and never on the negative. Brava!"
Jonathan Maberry
Author Jonathan Maberry
Long-time listener, first time guest. I should have guessed that chatting with Jennifer Fusco on Romance is on the Air would be just as fun as listening in to her interviews. I had a total blast!" - Avery Flynn
Avery Flynn
Author Avery Flynn
My interview with Jennifer Fusco on Authors on the Air was so fun that it seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. I loved the live aspect of the show, the reader interaction, and Jennifer's organization of it all!
Kelsey Browning 600X600
Author Kelsey Browning
Pam Stack rocks the book casbah and your show is awesome. Thanks for having me on! T. Jefferson Parker
Jeff Parker
Author T. Jefferson Parker
In 2009, Susan Wingate was writing constantly and had a couple titles published but marketing her books was nearly impossible. She had to go to the expense of a publicist or consider advertising space. Although Wingate needed some media exposure, she found most TV and radio programs only featured celebrated fiction authors or nonfiction authors. Wingate decided to create a media platform herself and figured that creating an online radio program couldn't be that difficult. And it wasn't. She found that other fiction authors were searching for platforms to chat about their work as well. Within a few months, her radio show calendar was full. Publishers and publicists were contacting Dialogue to showcase their authors' books too. Dialogue now is booked out with authors such as Debbie Macomber who will be featured in February 2014. In addition, Garth Stein, Deb Caletti, Steve Berry, Guy Kawasaki, CC Humphreys are on Dialogue. Joshua Graham, Terry Persun and Aaron Patterson are also guests. Even "The Amazing Kreskin" was on Dialogue. Recently, Dialogue received syndication through a larger network of author online talk shows called Authors on the Air Global Network, produced by Pam Stack. The show has proven to be a regular stop for amazing authors and Wingate says she feels "blessed to be able to speak with each and every one of them." The listeners are people who want to learn about great authors-new and veteran-and to learn about each writer's life. Wingate commented about the authors she speaks with, "My guests rock."
Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 7.46.16 PM
Just completed an interview with Stephen Campbell, the terrific host of "Murders, Mysteries and Mayhem" on the Authors on the Air Online Radio Network. He is a skillful interviewer, a nice guy, and a true lover of writers and writing. I consider it an honor to be interviewed by him. Other illustrious interviewees have included New York Times bestselling authors and Shamus Award winners, so I'm in excellent company.
Chris Orcutt – Author of the Dakota Stevens Mystery Series
You must catch Pam Stack and her sumptuous guests. The show is a reader's and writer's delight!
Karen Dodd Author profile
Karen Dodd
Hey Pam, just so you know. Appearing on your show has ALWAYS resulted in a sales spike for me. Here's a review from a reader who picked up all of my books after hearing me on the radio the other day. So, thank you, my friend!
Martin Crosbie
Martin Crosbie
Authors on The Air is not the average blog talk radio show, my preciouses, Pam Stack is a fabulous hostess to a surprise-a-minute cocktail party. The guest of honor on this episode is the devilishly dynamic author Jim Musgrave, who comes out swinging, no, wait, that was singing. In the mix of surprise guests were beloved Steampunk author Chantal Noordeloos (calling from The Netherlands!) and Braxton Bellew of Valentine Wolfe.
Kick back, grab a bev and maybe your steam=powered hookah and join the soiree!
Jennifer Modette Perry
Jennifer Modette Perry