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Authors on the Air Hosts

Since she was a child,  Pam Stack has been reading everything from the side of cereal boxes to any book she could get her hands on.  She now reads upwards of 400 books a year across multiple genres.  She is owned by four demanding rescue cats who remind her where her place is in their home.  Pam is an internationally awarded victim advocate and the executive producer of the Authors on the Air.

The show that started it all. Authors on the Air is the flagship show of the network and was created by Pam Stack. What started out as a radio show have grown into a podcast/videocast and now has millions of listeners worldwide. Authors on the Air regularly features guest hosts, and monthly hosts like Terry Shepherd, Pam Stack, Terrence McCauley, Derek McFadden, Allison Martine, Jennifer Anne Gordon and Nola Nash.


For over 4 decades, Terry’s voice has been heard on radio, television and film. He’s also the host of the popular Authors on the Air Podcast. As a narrator, he breathes life into the characters in each story, adding a whole new dimension of performance art that can transform a tale for the growing number of listeners who are purchasing more audio books than ever before.

Here’s a taste of Terry’s latest, a narration of Dänna Dennis Wilberg‘s paranormal thriller, “Borrowed Time – Book 1: Broken Promises.”

Terry works directly with authors to ensure that the vision on the page is effectively translated to the spoken word. Click the button, below to connect with Terry for a free sample reading of your writing.

Authors on the Air with Terry Shepherd explores the business of books, from fascinating authors in every genre to the editors, agents, story consultants and narrators that help make good prose great. From beginners to best-sellers, Author/Narrator Terry Shepherd takes you through every step in the process from creating compelling prose and getting it in front of an audience.



Jennifer Anne Gordon

Jennifer Anne Gordon is a gothic horror/literary fiction novelist. Her work includes Beautiful, Frightening and Silent which won the Kindle Award for Best Horror/Suspense for 2020, Won Best Horror 2020 from Authors on the Air, was a Finalist for American Book Fest’s Best Book Award- Horror, 2020. It also received the Platinum 5 Star Review from Reader’s Choice as well as the Gold Seal from Book View.  Her novel, From Daylight to Madness (The Hotel book 1) received the Gold Seal from Book View, as well as The Platinum Seal from Reader’s Favorite, and When the Sleeping Dead Still Talk (The Hotel book 2) was released to critical acclaim.

Her latest novel Pretty/Ugly received the platinum Seal from Readers Favorite and has been called “An exquisitely written horror tale” by Wendy Webb (NYT Bestselling author of The Haunting of Brynn Wilder)

Jennifer is one of the hosts as well as the creator of Vox Vomitus, the top-rated video podcast on the Global Authors on the Air Network, as well as the host of “Let’s Scare Jennifer to Death”

Award winning horror author, Jennifer Anne Gordon, talks all things that go bump in the night. Everything from ghosts, goblins, ghouls, puppets, scarecrows, and serial killers….everything that scares her—and everything scares her. Show with a focus on horror, dark fiction and true crime.


Allison Martine is a multi-genre novelist, focusing on literary science fiction, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction. Her debut novel, dibs, which is the first in The Bourbon Books series, was named a Finalist and Reader’s Choice Category Leader for Romance in the 2020 Kindle Book Awards. Allison also writes literary science fiction and speculative fiction under the pen name “A.M. Hubbard.” An Orange County, California (almost) native, Allison studied at the University of California, San Diego, and obtained her Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law.

This LIVE podcast brings you interviews with trending authors in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, and Romance. If that sounds like an odd combination, blame the host. A red shirt in a browncoat, Allison Martine (“A.M.”) Hubbard was busy writing speculative fiction when she tripped and fell in the hot tub. Now, she writes romance, too. This master of bad analogies, mixed metaphors, and poorly translated Latin, (which she vaguely recalls from her years as an attorney), has a penchant for bourbon, wonderfully weird books, and throwing tropes out the window.


Nola Nash

Born and raised in south Louisiana, Nola Nash now resides in Brentwood, Tennessee and works as an online high school Instructional Coach. Her Crescent City series is a paranormal historical mystery set in the 1830s French Quarter and includes Crescent City Moon and Crescent City Sin with at least one more book to follow. Her next series will launch with Traveler in March, 2022. When she is not writing or working with teachers, she hosts BYOB, Writer’s Showcase, and Dead Folks Tales podcasts with Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.

Laura Kemp

Laura Kemp is an educator who has always loved to write. She has a degree in creative writing from Western Michigan University where she studied under Stuart Dybek, and yes… he is as cool as he seems. Even more so. She now lives on a small farm in southern Michigan with her husband and four kids. When she’s not writing she loves to hike with her dogs, swim, read, perform with her Celtic Band Si Bhaeg Si Mohr, and act in musical theatre. Her first novel is the award-winning Evening in the Yellow Wood and the sequel Snow in Summer is available now. Book three in the series is coming soon.

Bring Your Own Book, Booze, Boys, whatever! Friends and authors Nola Nash and Laura Kemp talk books and booze as the conversation goes anywhere those two things take them. Sometimes those places are way out in left field, but they somehow manage to make it back to books and the folks that write them. Pour yourself a drink and get ready to laugh along.


I have been meaning to start this blog for years. I am a writer (of fiction and poetry), reader, TV and sports watcher. To my friends, I am loyal. To my family, I am someone who can be counted on to always be there (and to eat the goldfish crackers). To you, dear reader, I hope to be someone you will come to trust for movie and TV reviews, “good book” recommendations, an interesting thought now and then, etc. (Oh, and… if you want me to eat the goldfish crackers, just keep a box handy. Thanks.).
On Writing While Handicapped, award-winning author Derek McFadden, author of the novel What Death Taught Terrence, talks with those who either write about or know intimately the handicapped community. Derek IS NOT a handicapped writer, as such a description gives too much power to that which he can’t control. Derek is Writing While Handicapped! Join him for monthly conversations and exploration of what that means!


Terrence McCauley is an award-winning writer of Thrillers, Crime Fiction and Westerns.

His first two Aaron Mackey westerns (WHERE THE BULLETS FLY and DARK TERRITORY), published by Pinnacle, were finalists for the Western Writers of America’s Silver Spur Award. WHERE THE BULLETS FLY won the Western Fictioneers Award for Best Novel in 2018. The third and fourth books in the series, GET OUT OF TOWN and THE DARK SUNRISE, were published in 2020.BOOKS BY TERRENCE MCCAULEY.
Terrence has also written three stand-alone novels for the successful Ralph Compton Series at Berkeley. THE KELLY TRAIL and RIDE THE HAMMER DOWN were published in 2020, with STAGECOACH TO HELL released in 2021.Terrence is an avid reader, loves classic movies and enjoys traveling. A proud native of The Bronx, NY, he currently lives in Dutchess County, NY where he is writing his next work of fiction.

Murder, Mysteries and Mayhem with Terrence McCauley will feature the newest voices and best writers in their respective genres today. Listeners will not only hear how their favorite writers approach the craft, but will also get an inside look at how some of their favorite stories were created.