Bring Your Own Book, Booze, Boys, whatever! Friends and authors Nola Nash and Laura Kemp talk books and booze as the conversation goes anywhere those two things take them. Sometimes those places are way out in left field, but they somehow manage to make it back to books and the folks that write them. Pour yourself a drink and get ready to laugh along.

Nola Nash

Born and raised in south Louisiana, Nola Nash now resides in Brentwood, Tennessee and works as an online high school Instructional Coach. Her Crescent City series is a paranormal historical mystery set in the 1830s French Quarter and includes Crescent City Moon and Crescent City Sin with at least one more book to follow. Her next series will launch with Traveler in March, 2022. When she is not writing or working with teachers, she hosts BYOB, Writer’s Showcase, and Dead Folks Tales podcasts with Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.


Laura Kemp

Laura Kemp is an educator who has always loved to write. She has a degree in creative writing from Western Michigan University where she studied under Stuart Dybek, and yes… he is as cool as he seems. Even more so. She now lives on a small farm in southern Michigan with her husband and four kids. When she’s not writing she loves to hike with her dogs, swim, read, perform with her Celtic Band Si Bhaeg Si Mohr, and act in musical theatre. Her first novel is the award-winning Evening in the Yellow Wood and the sequel Snow in Summer is available now. Book three in the series is coming soon.