Books, Kids & Creations with Tracy Blom

Books, Kids & Creations is a videocast hosted by author, Tracy Blom, that features people who inspire and uplift children through their work. Tracy Blom is the author of over twenty published books, with her most recent publication, The Happy Machine.

Tracy Blom

Tracy Blom is a best-selling author with over twenty published titles in bookstores, museums, zoos, airports, and major retailers across the United States. Every book she has ever created first began as a dream, written and recorded in one of many dream journals.

Dreams are the common thread that wind between her stories, and for a long time, was perplexing to even her. Over time, she came to understand and cherish the gift of nightly vision and went on to create fairytales, young adult novels, and lighthearted picture books. If you look closely, you can decode the underlying messages in her work, most of which encourage readers to believe in themselves, embrace their differences as gifts, and make the world a better place.

Amidst the challenges of 2020, Tracy created her first theatrical play, published her first paranormal thriller, and began a series of environmental, STEM books addressing critical topics including climate change, cleaning up the ocean, and creating innovative ways to repurpose items.

Her mission is to create books of change, inspire future generations, and be a sounding board for gifted children who may not feel like they belong.