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BY THE GRACE OF THE GAME: The Holocaust, A Basketball Legacy, and an Unprecedented American Drea

Dan Grunfeld

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Jewish Biography / Sports Memoir

This multi-generational family saga is an unlikely journey from WWII Hungary to the streets of New York; from Auschwitz to the NBA. As a student, Ernie Grunfeld struggled with English but discovered his inner strength on the basketball court to overcome tragedy and prejudice to win Olympic gold medal then great heights as an NBA Player and executive. The story is told by his son, Dan Grunfeld, a basketball star at Stanford University. An integral character is the author’s grandmother who held the family together, nourishing her son and grandson with both family meals, strength of character and sage advice. I knew little about basketball, but being Jewish, was fascinated by this beautifully-woven tale of a man overcoming adversity to fulfill a dying wish and raise a son to find a deep appreciation of his heritage. The success is brought about by love of the game and family. If you like basketball, you don’t have to be Jewish to like this book; but if you love basketball and you are Jewish, you will really love this book. I highly recommend it.