Empowered Living Radio

Empowered Living Radio

Host Tori Eldridge, empowerment specialist and author of EMPOWERED LIVING: A GUIDE TO PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL PROTECTION, chats with inspiring guests about empowering topics on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.
Over 50 podcasts on a wide range of topics that relate to our human condition: love, collaboration, awakening, grief, healing, mental health, dating, producing, meditation, survival, laughter, mentoring, Alzheimer’s, parenting, gender identity… and everyone of them is empowering and uplifting!

Tori Eldridge

Author & Empowerment Specialist Tori Eldridge chats with INSPIRING GUESTS about EMPOWERING TOPICS. Eaves-droppers welcome!

Tori Eldridge, is an author, screenwriter, actress, singer, dancer, ninja, wife, and mother of two spectacular sons! She has performed in such Broadway shows as CATS, was a series regular on the television hit THE LOVE BOAT, performed the motion capture for the lead in FINAL FANTASY: SPIRITS WITHIN, and recorded with music legend Brian Wilson. She holds a 5th degree black belt in To Shin Do Ninjutsu and has taught empowerment across the country. She blogs on mindful living and is writing her second novel while seeking publishing for her first. Tori’s non-fiction, EMPOWERED LIVING EXPANDED EDITION: A GUIDE TO PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL PROTECTION, is available as an e-book on Amazon.