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Vanessa Fewings

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Romance / Women’s Psychological Fiction

Release Date: April 30, 2022

Enthrall Sessions continues with the head of security, Shay Gardner’s story. When Shay rescues a submissive intern from a villain’s clutches, things don’t go quite as planned. Rue Asher now requests his guidance in her training, but he desires much more than that from her. Within the walls of the club Enthrall, there are rules and limits, but within those limits, there is great depths of pleasure and ecstasy. Can he control it all to supervise her training or will he be trapped in the web of cravings only she fuels? These men are built from granite and tragedy tempered only when those pain-filled valleys are crossed. The women are realistically lovely and flawed with backstories that draw you in and hold you for the duration. Enthrall Ecstasy is a garden of earthly and sensual desires tailored for romance fans.That’s why I highly recommend this book and this author for romance fans.