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In The Year of the Rabbit

Terence A Harkin

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Historical Fiction

316 Pages

Brenden Leary is a musician, photographer, anti-war enthusiast, and basically a good guy. Until one night when his helicopter gets shot down. Now he’s still a good guy, but he begins to question everything else he thought he knew about himself. His love interest was killed in the accident and he almost was. Many things he used to think were important to him, now just aren’t anymore. With his mental state so clearly divided, he is discharged but does not race home as he once thought he would. Instead, he begins a journey to become a Buddhist monk. There are many well-placed translations, as well as beautiful descriptions of the areas and countryside of Thailand. Delving into the beauty and misery of some people affected by the VietNam War. Terence Harkin has clearly depicted the versatility of the human spirit, from the violence of a war to the tranquility of meditation, love lost, and new friends made. I highly recommend this book!