The Storytellers

The Storytellers hosted by Grace Sammon, focuses on individuals who choose to leave their mark on the world through the art of story. Each episode engages guests and listeners in the story behind the story of authors, artists, reporters and others who leave a legacy of storytelling. Applying her years of experience as an educator, entrepreneur, author, and storyteller herself, Grace brings to listeners an intimate one-on-one experience with her guests. To contact Grace about being a guest on the show, email her at [email protected]

Grace Sammon

Grace Sammon is an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, and author. She has started and managed two for-profit and two not-for-profit companies, and she has travelled to 35 states and 8 foreign countries. Recognized in Who’s Who in Education and Who’s Who in Literature, Grace is utilizing skills built up over decades as she re-invents herself with her award-winning fourth book and debut novel – The Eves – and, with a return to one of her early loves, radio. The Eves is an award-winning, intergenerational story about lives lived well and lives in transition. It is a novel that challenges each of us to ask who we want to be in the world, regardless of our age. Grace brings that quest for a good story, and a drive to keep contributing, to her new radio show, The Storytellers. Each episode captures the stories of authors and others who leave their mark on the world through the art of story.
Grace is a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers’ Association (WFWA), is an administrator on “Bookish Road Trip” and a contributing moderator of “The Write Review.” Grace grew up on Long Island, New York and spent most of her life in the Washington, DC area. She currently lives on Florida’s west coast with her husband and a small herd of imaginary llamas.