Writing While Handicapped

On Writing While Handicapped, award-winning author Derek McFadden, author of the novel What Death Taught Terrence, talks with those who either write about or know intimately the handicapped community. Derek IS NOT a handicapped writer, as such a description gives too much power to that which he can’t control. Derek is Writing While Handicapped! Join him for monthly conversations and exploration of what that means!

Derek McFadden

I have been meaning to start this blog for years. I am a writer (of fiction and poetry), reader, TV and sports watcher. To my friends, I am loyal. To my family, I am someone who can be counted on to always be there (and to eat the goldfish crackers). To you, dear reader, I hope to be someone you will come to trust for movie and TV reviews, “good book” recommendations, an interesting thought now and then, etc. (Oh, and… if you want me to eat the goldfish crackers, just keep a box handy. Thanks.).