Writing Wrongs Podcast

Best-selling author William L.Myers Jr. will dive in to the thriller genre and recommend books and authors for listeners.

William L. Myers, Jr.

William L. Myers, Jr. is the Amazon #1 best-selling author of the Philadelphia Legal Series. The series debuted with the legal thriller “A Criminal Defense” in 2017. Following that, Mr. Myers released “An Engineered Injustice” in 2018 and “A Killer’s Alibi” in 2019. His latest novel, “A Criminal Justice,” was released March 17, 2020 to strong reviews.

Born into a blue-collar family, Mr. Myers inherited a work-ethic that propelled him through college and into the Ivy League at The University of Pennsylvania School of Law. From there, Mr. Myers began his legal career in a Philadelphia-based mega defense firm. After ten years defending corporate America, he realized his heart wasn’t in it. So he started his own firm and began fighting for the common guy.

That was twenty-five years ago and since then, Mr. Myers has devoted his legal career to representing honest, hard-working people who have been injured by others. He has become a highly-regarded trial attorney up and down the Eastern Seaboard, and has had the rare honor of arguing before the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Myers and his wife Lisa live with their two pit bulls in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.